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Shojo’s rich history spotlights no shortage of iconic series, from romance classics like Lovely Complex to unconventional hits like Banana Fish. Yet, shojo, more than any other demographic, suffers from countless exceptional series flying under the radar. For every shojo cult classic that has remained relevant through the decades, there is a legion of equally stellar shows most fans have completely forgotten. Series with endless potential that have unfortunately escaped the public’s eye, these shojo anime don’t deserve to be forgotten.

1. Vampire Princess Miyu Is a Shojo Horror with a Dark Edge

While mainstream shojo draws association with lighthearted romance and magical girl fantasy, the genre’s history is bountiful with unexpectedly dark series. Vampire Princess Miyu offers a unique combination of spine-chilling supernatural horror and elaborate character drama the shojo genre is especially famous for. Miyu Yamano is a vampire trapped on a soul-crushing journey of ridding the world of bloodthirsty monsters known as shinma. Haunting, mature, and gorgeously executed, Vampire Princess Miyu remains a one-of-a-kind series within the shojo genre despite being mostly forgotten.

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2. Sugar Sugar Rune Is a Hidden Gem of the Magical Girl Subgenre

Magical girl anime, for all of its popularity within the shojo genre, is a surprisingly difficult theme to nail. Nevertheless, Sugar Sugar Rune excels at combining the wholesome excitement of the genre’s fantasy with deeper thought-provoking character exploration. The lively dynamic between Chocolat and Vanilla, polar opposites who still remain one another’s biggest supporters, keeps the series consistently engaging.

For fans wanting to bring a piece of this magical world into their lives, there are various anime merch stores that offer anime merchandise, including themed anime clothes and accessories.

3. Kyo Kara Maoh!'s Unorthodox Take on the Tropes of Isekai Is Something Special

An unfairly forgotten cult classic of the isekai genre, Kyo Kara Maoh! is more relevant today than it ever was, as its inventive deconstruction of the “another world” trope is way more refreshing than anything the genre has to offer in the modern oversaturated landscape. A fun and inventive spin on the wish-fulfillment pipe dream of fantasy adventures, Kyo Kara Maoh! strays quite a lot from the conventions of both shojo and isekai, making it iconic.

4. Emma: A Victorian Romance Tells a Fable of Forbidden Love in a Classy Historical Setting

A very unique romance series for the shojo genre, Emma: A Victorian Romance transports viewers to 19th-century England. The immersive and surprisingly uplifting connection between Emma and William captivates audiences with its genuine portrayal of forbidden love, set against a backdrop more reminiscent of classic Western romance novels than shojo anime.

5. Marmalade Boy Is the Perfect Show for Fans of Classic Shojo Romance Tropes

No series captures the cheesy yet charming ambiance of ‘90s shojo romance quite as excellently as Marmalade Boy. Following the hectic progression of Miki Koishikawa’s love life after her parents suddenly decide to switch partners with another couple, Marmalade Boy is a shockingly engaging roller-coaster of emotional drama and ridiculous character comedy.

For fans who love classic shojo romance, finding anime merch like posters and anime figures related to Marmalade Boy is a great way to celebrate the nostalgia of this beloved series.

6. The Wallflower Endearingly Satirizes Reverse Harem Clichés

A lesser-known subversion of the reverse harem genre, The Wallflower follows the life of an occult-obsessed shut-in, Sunako, as four extremely good-looking young men attempt to turn her into “a proper lady.” Lighthearted and hilarious, the series offers a nice change of pace from the shojo genre’s more conventional plotlines.

7. The Story of Saiunkoku Dives Deep into the Political Intrigues of an Ancient Fantasyland

Set in a fantasyland resembling ancient China, The Story of Saiunkoku follows Shuurei Kou, a noble lady from an impoverished family who dreams of becoming a government official in a society where no woman can hold such a title. The series captivates viewers with its excellent characterization and refreshingly independent, iron-willed protagonist.

8. Hanasakeru Seishounen's Reverse Harem Plotline Is Unexpectedly Intense

Unlike most popular reverse harem series, Hanasakeru Seishounen brings high-stakes drama to the forefront of its story. An heir of a powerful industry tycoon, Kajika Burnsworth navigates a convoluted plot of mystery, betrayal, political machinations, and unexpectedly heartwarming love, making it a unique example within the reverse harem subgenre.

9. Glass Mask Introduces Viewers to the Challenging and Intense World of Stage Acting

No setting works quite as well for the emotive melodrama of the shojo genre as that of theater and show business. Glass Mask follows Maya and Ayumi, two girls from vastly different backgrounds who share the same dream of seizing the lead role in The Crimson Goddess play. Dramatic, emotional, and gloriously intense, Glass Mask excellently combines realism with compelling melodrama.

Fans of Glass Mask can explore anime merchandise stores to find unique anime merch like posters, anime hoodies, and more to celebrate this intense and dramatic series.

10. His and Her Circumstances Is One of Shojo's Most Thoughtful and Nuanced Love Tales

Directed by Hideaki Anno of Neon Genesis Evangelion fame, His and Her Circumstances appears incomparable to the director’s mecha magnum opus. Yet, all of the subtle elements that made NGE a cult classic, such as unconventional art direction and stellar character work, are present and prominent in Kare Kano. The series develops its heroes and their tentative romance with a realistic nuance all fans of the genre would appreciate.

For fans of His and Her Circumstances, finding anime merchandise like anime figures, anime hoodies, and other anime clothes at a nearby anime store can be a wonderful way to celebrate this thoughtful and nuanced series.

In conclusion, these forgotten shojo anime deserve more recognition and appreciation. Whether you're looking for one piece merchandise, naruto merchandise, or any other anime merch, there are plenty of options to find anime merch in India. So, dive into these hidden gems and bring your favorite shojo series to life with amazing anime merchandise.

[The images used in this blog post are not owned by Anime Devta, they are just for entertainment purposes]


~Mimansa Sharma

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