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Article: Most Underutilized Dragon Ball Super Characters

Most Underutilized Dragon Ball Super Characters
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Most Underutilized Dragon Ball Super Characters

Dragon Ball Super, the latest installment in Akira Toriyama’s iconic shonen series, has expanded the Dragon Ball universe to unprecedented heights, captivating audiences worldwide. With its 131 episodes, two feature films, and ongoing manga, Dragon Ball Super has taken Goku and his comrades on thrilling adventures against divine foes across multiple dimensions.

While Dragon Ball Super has brought beloved characters like Piccolo and Gohan back into the spotlight, it has also left some fan favorites underutilized. Here are five characters who deserve more attention:

  1. Android 18:
    Android 18's evolution from villain to hero has been fascinating, yet she often plays second fiddle to her brother, Android 17. Despite her immense strength, she's rarely given the chance to shine on her own. Fans want to see more of her leading the charge in battles, especially considering her crucial roles in the Tournament of Power and the fight against Moro’s Galactic Bandit Brigade.

  2. Universe 11:
    Universe 11, led by the formidable Jiren, provided Universe 7 with a formidable challenge during the Tournament of Power. However, despite Jiren's pivotal role in Goku's Ultra Instinct transformation, the series has failed to explore Universe 11 further in subsequent arcs.

  3. Majin Buu:
    Buu's regenerative abilities and immense strength make him a valuable ally, yet Dragon Ball Super often sidelines him with convenient excuses. While he briefly joins the fray during the Tournament of Power's Zeno Expo, his tendency to fall asleep at critical moments diminishes his impact on the series.

  4. Uub:
    Introduced in Dragon Ball Z's Peaceful World Saga as Kid Buu's reincarnation, Uub holds great potential as Goku's protege. However, Dragon Ball Super's timeline constraints have limited Uub's involvement, leaving fans eager for more development of this promising character.

  5. Gotenks:
    The fusion of Goten and Trunks, Gotenks, was hailed as Earth's next great hero. Despite reaching Super Saiyan 3 strength, Gotenks is often relegated to comic relief and excluded from major battles, such as the Tournament of Power. Even when they do fuse, their performances are marred by missteps, reinforcing the perception that Gotenks is meant to be a joke.

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