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Article: What Anime You Should Watch Based on Your Zodiac Sign

What Anime You Should Watch Based on Your Zodiac Sign
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What Anime You Should Watch Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Choosing the right anime can be overwhelming with so many great series out there. Why not let the stars guide your next anime binge? Here's a curated list of anime recommendations tailored to each zodiac sign, along with some suggestions for anime merch to enhance your viewing experience.


Aries: Attack on Titan

Fiery Aries will love Attack on Titan. Featuring an Aries protagonist, this intense series explores themes of fighting against oppression and maintaining hope. With action-packed scenes and relentless determination, Aries will resonate with the characters' drive to overcome colossal threats.

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Taurus: Cowboy Bebop

Taurus, the lovers of relaxation and beauty, will be drawn to Cowboy Bebop. This neo-noir space western boasts a dreamy jazz score and stunning 1990s animation. Taureans will appreciate Spike Spiegel's suave nature and the series' exploration of existential themes.

Gemini: Haikyuu!!

Social butterflies like Gemini will enjoy Haikyuu!! This volleyball anime showcases incredible friendships and sportsmanship. Geminis, known for their many hobbies and love of the opposites attract trope, will adore the dynamic between Hinata and Kageyama.

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Cancer: Violet Evergarden

Sensitive Cancers will find a perfect match in Violet Evergarden. This beautifully animated series follows Violet's journey of self-discovery and emotional healing in a post-war society. The touching story and stunning visuals will appeal to Cancer's nurturing and intuitive nature.

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Leo: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

Bold Leos will be captivated by JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. This multigenerational tale features outlandish characters and dramatic battles. Leos will love the vibrant animation, fashion-inspired poses, and themes of legacy and justice that align with their charismatic and protective personalities.

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Virgo: Case Closed (Detective Conan)

Logical and systematic Virgos will enjoy Case Closed (Detective Conan). This classic series about a brilliant detective in a child’s body is perfect for Virgos who love solving mysteries and appreciate precise justice.

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Libra: Death Note

Librans, with their strong sense of justice, will be intrigued by Death Note. This intense series explores moral dilemmas as high school student Light Yagami gains the power to kill with a notebook. Libras will be fascinated by the ethical battles and Misa Misa’s iconic gothic lolita fashion.

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Scorpio: Nana

Mysterious and loyal Scorpios will adore Nana. This shojo series follows two characters named Nana with deeply emotional and complex lives. Scorpios will connect with the intense bonds and see themselves in the glamorous rock vocalist Nana Osaki or the passionate Nana Komatsu.

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Sagittarius: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Adventurous Sagittarians will love Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. This exciting series follows two brothers with supernatural abilities on a journey full of battles, mythology, and philosophy. The honest archers will appreciate the blend of action and deep themes.

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Capricorn: My Hero Academia

Ambitious Capricorns will resonate with My Hero Academia. In a world where superpowers are the norm, the quirkless protagonist Deku's relentless pursuit of his dream to be a hero mirrors Capricorn's drive and determination. The emotional depth and sincerity of the characters will also appeal to them.

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Aquarius: Blue Period

Creative and wise Aquarians will be captivated by Blue Period. This anime follows Yatora, a high school student who discovers a passion for painting. The show's focus on self-discovery and staying true to one's passions aligns with Aquarius' innovative and independent spirit.

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Pisces: Yuri!!! On Ice

Dreamy Pisces will fall in love with Yuri!!! On Ice. This romantic figure skating anime features stunning visuals and a beautiful soundtrack. Pisceans will connect with Yuri's journey of overcoming anxiety and dedication to his craft, appreciating the artistic and emotional depth of the series.

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By aligning your zodiac sign with these anime recommendations, you can find a series that perfectly matches your personality and preferences. Dive into these stellar shows, explore diverse anime genres, and discover your new favorite anime! Don't forget to enhance your experience with anime merchandise like anime clothes, anime figures, and more from your nearest anime merch store.

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~Mimansa Sharma

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